laugh so strongly that armfuls and armfuls and armfuls of light pour out every time   listen so strongly that you catch the words in your hands as they fall from the others lips   rest so strongly that you swim in droplets of serenity and fountains of wisdom   speak so strongly that beautiful [...]

Open Arms

tiny veins of wonder laced around my arms   arms that are open with my palms welcoming and intertwined with comfort   i have these arms because life is too wondrous to not embrace   so I stand with these open arms benevolent words and tender actions   choosing serving encouraging   the life that [...]


why can we not see what is right in front of us   when life has infinite depth dimension significance and beauty   how do we find that passion and power and willingness   to acknowledge the details and the sacredness of life itself   presence is how we see life   wide awake and [...]