i think that we are good people succumbed to the madness of the world my sugared heart can no longer bear those treacherous circumstances i think we should cry because we love because we see colors of another sky because we graze the meadows of tranquility because the light is already on waiting for us [...]

Broken Crayons Still Color

there is so much unfolding on this side of the gate I am not there yet but I am moving towards a place where my skin fits best I am ready to feel that the world does not owe me anything but the opportunity to see it clearly although I am fragile I am still [...]


in the moonlight you are a foreign language i long to learn. and although your temple is far too holy i am not captivated by the serenity of your cheeks the promise of your hands the entrance of your eyes or the breath of your skin but rather by the serenity of your words the [...]