laugh so strongly that armfuls and armfuls and armfuls of light pour out every time   listen so strongly that you catch the words in your hands as they fall from the others lips   rest so strongly that you swim in droplets of serenity and fountains of wisdom   speak so strongly that beautiful [...]


running far the rain not holding me back the sirens chasing my every step the wildflowers popping up within my wake   the rain is not my tears the rain is the heartfelt vote of passion that has nurtured and nourished and supported me rain has been falling for years rain encouraged me to grow [...]


the moon showed his face tonight. he looks like a nice man. i don’t think he is lonely. i think he has the stars to talk to. it must be beautiful up there. there must always be good conversation.   the cicadas are singing a song tonight. even the mosquitos are happy to sit and [...]


why can we not see what is right in front of us   when life has infinite depth dimension significance and beauty   how do we find that passion and power and willingness   to acknowledge the details and the sacredness of life itself   presence is how we see life   wide awake and [...]


the colors of the morning were inside your eyes appreciation for simplicity held us together and happiness poured out  every inch of our sacred time but then the shore was no longer worth swimming to i no longer ached to know the song that you sung and the stars no longer shone with admiration but [...]


i think that we are good people succumbed to the madness of the world my sugared heart can no longer bear those treacherous circumstances i think we should cry because we love because we see colors of another sky because we graze the meadows of tranquility because the light is already on waiting for us [...]


in the moonlight you are a foreign language i long to learn. and although your temple is far too holy i am not captivated by the serenity of your cheeks the promise of your hands the entrance of your eyes or the breath of your skin but rather by the serenity of your words the [...]