This Is Me

Here are some things about me. The list is small, but it's the first layer of all that there is to know. There are in fact lots of other layers, but I decided to just give you one.    Will always love Tex-Mex Likes guys but would totally marry Emma Watson Despises injustice Doesn’t understand [...]


What I Am Thankful For Every person that keeps me laughing and moving and going and grooving Words that are both smooth as honey and honest as a mirror Second chances, because we are all worthy of them Really really really good music that flows through you and centers every inch of your body on [...]


I am not a boy. I love being a girl and think us ladies are so badass and powerful and beautiful and amazing. So, before you click out of this because “how can you talk about masculinity if you are not a male,” I want you to understand that modern expectations of what defines a [...]