Music in February

Today I share with you the 10 albums I gave a piece of myself to in February. Here we go.  99.9% by KATYRANADA Favorites: TOGETHER YOU’RE THE ONE GOT IT GOOD Brick Body Kids Still Daydream by Open Mike Eagle Favorites: (How Could Anybody) Feel at Home Wedding Ghosts Happy Wasteland MY WOMAN by Angel [...]

Music in January

Hello and welcome back to another post full of music that will change your life. Hopefully. One of my goals this new year was to listen to ten new albums each month. It’s been kind of intimidating, but as a person who listens to the same eight songs for three months straight, I thought it [...]

Song Recommendations III

I hope everyone’s school year has been going well despite the surprises, frustrations, and breakdowns. Personally, I have been handling it: not enjoying or necessarily loathing, but just handling. And that’s okay; I am used to sitting quietly and internally drowning in stress and crying over not enough sunlight nor moonlight. And It’s fine. I’m [...]