I find that there is no beauty without tension, however hard tension is to push through. I find mornings to forever be the holiest, but it’s a good idea to keep the evenings long.  I find the idea of growing up to be much prettier than the act itself. I find that individual exhaustion is [...]

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I carry my heart around like it is my desk drawer. I carry care for community in my backpack, sunshine in my pocket, and the moon in my tennis shoe. I carry books and pens, together and apart, because I find there to be space between the lines for a reason. I carry the past, [...]


I am dignified by grace, a lover of love, and overcome by passion. I am manifesting, affirming, intelligence growing. I am in the process of becoming unstuck, a reflection of years of effort and perseverance and determination. I am not something pulled out of a hat. I am not humble when I choose to be; [...]


I believe there is a distinction between rejection and suffering, between appreciation and acknowledgement, between compassion and empathy. I believe in letters, crinkled paper, and watching through the window for promised words. I believe that God loves all things beautiful, including the ones you refuse to acknowledge. I believe in salt, and pepper, because despite [...]

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