I find that there is no beauty without tension,
however hard tension is to push through. I
find mornings to forever be the holiest, but
it’s a good idea to keep the evenings long.  I
find the idea of growing up to be much
prettier than the act itself. I find that
individual exhaustion is quickly built
by the exhaustion of others, but that conversation
is the biggest breath of fresh air. I find that
the palm of my hands tell more of a story
than the bottom of my shoes, and that the more
heaven comes to earth, the more earth looks
like family. I find that we get so wrapped up in
asking time to slow down that it walks right
past us. I find it incredible that the sun has set
in the very spot we stand in for millions
of years before, and will continue to set for millions
of years after. I find that we need to start building
a longer table, that walking together is easier
than walking alone, and that the world is constantly
begging for grace. I find those moments when the
words just fail to be the most significant yet most
scary. I find that empathy gets me back to walking
in the Garden, reformation to hold the strongest roots,
and love to be the truest fruit of the spirit.


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