This Is Me, Pt. II

Turns out it actually took me another four months to recuperate. I know I said I was gonna do this again. I lied. But I am here now. And I think I am ready.

I am finally excited again. I think that is what I was missing– the bursting at the seams feeling, but more importantly, the feeling that what I am saying maybe has some weight.

But, just like everyone, I am a changing person. So, I figured it was time to truly update you all on where I’m really at right now. In May of last year I made a list of facts about myself. And it went well. They were all true. Almost all of them are still true. (Like the one that shares how I don’t know how to spell tomorrow.) However, I am a far different person now than I was a year ago. Isn’t it funny how that happens? So, here is an updated list of things that are (currently) true about me. Enjoy.

  • I claim to have a diverse music taste (and I do) but in reality I listen to the same five artists over and over again without getting sick of them
  • Writing actually scares me. So much.
  • I am the ultimate homebody. I love the world, but I want to be home.
  • I am embarrassingly good at sounding condescending when the last thing I am trying to be is condescending.
  • I am a strong believer in context clues.
  • My space means a lot to me.
  • I love the Enneagram. I think it’s amazing. It is fascinating. I love it.
  • My heart gets heavy really easily. It’s annoying.
  • I wouldn’t consider myself a very nostalgic person, but I love to dwell.
  • People think I’m not fun — this is a lie. Trust me, I am fun.
  • I believe that things will work out, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to fight for them to.
  • My favorite part of any song ever made in this world will always be the bridge in City and Colour’s “We Found Each Other In The Dark.” It is now a part of me.
  • I’ve got this long list of random phrases that come to my head sitting in my Notes app. I often forget about it. But each time I come across it, it is like opening presents on top of a mountain. I think it is what makes me remember how much my heart is in the words I end up putting on a page.
  • I can remember fifth grade like it was yesterday but all of middle school is a blur.
  • I love gardening. I could spend the whole day putting plants in pots.
  • I learned that the irrationalities of life must be counteracted with a commitment to the goodness of being here.
  • I think I differ from most people in the fact that I find a large part of my identity in the words I say.
  • Determining passions, what to pursue, where to step away and what to step into, all while trying to let my feet carry me where my ambitious heart wants to go- this has been my struggle of the century.

I promise to be back. Seriously. And if I don’t stay true to that promise, please hold me to it. Seriously.

Love, Valerie x

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