I carry my heart around
like it is my desk drawer.
I carry care for community
in my backpack, sunshine
in my pocket, and the moon
in my tennis shoe. I carry
books and pens, together and
apart, because I find there to
be space between the lines
for a reason. I carry the past,
present, and future like I was
just talking to it yesterday,
now, and tomorrow. I carry
feet that are often too busy
chasing dreams that have not
even been written down yet.
I carry flowers in my hair and
every once in a while they manage
to float down and make a garden
of their own. I carry miraculous
moments, large and small,
formidable and faint. I carry
crowns of honor and rags of
humility, carry passion like it is
my best friend, carry my everyday
like it’s God’s arts and crafts time.

Love, Valerie x

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