Summer 2018

Another summer has come to a close. No part of me is ready to go back to school but here I am, going back to school. I know I like to say this a lot but I learned a lot these past three months. It was definitely three short months filled with things I will never forget. So this week I thought I would pay tribute to the things that made this summer what it was.

Here is to the summer of:

  • $0.99 medium iced coffees at Dunkin Donuts. They were dangerous. I consumed an embarrassing amount of iced coffee these past three months. Rachel and I tried to take a photo every time we stopped to get coffee together, but we only caught a few times. Here’s some proof: 
  • Faith & stuff. God? Faith? Religion? Kinda really passionate about that. 
  • Beaches. And jellyfish. Went on my first beach vacation and had an amazing time looking for sharks and other fun things. Saw at least a thousand jellyfish in about fifteen minutes. That was radical. Thanks for not tipping the kayak over Ellie. If you want to know more about my trip, you can see that here. 
  • Poems. I became the poem hater that wrote over twenty poems. I did that. I wrote twenty poems. And I don’t even like poetry. 
  • Goodbyes. Said goodbye to a person I didn’t deserve to say goodbye to. I love you Gracie. Stay gold in Massachusetts. 
  • Hellos. Welcome to only a forty three minute drive away from me, Ellie. So excited to have you. 
  • Mo Ranch. I went to camp and spent a whole week talking about empathy, microaggressions, weird Presbyterians, and inappropriate jokes. I also got the privilege of loving my church family even more than I already did. If you want to know more about my time at Mo, you can read my dedicated post hereProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset
  • Weddings and other magical things. My cousin got married. It was magical. Carter also came home, so the family was all under the same roof again. That was also magical. Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
  • VBS. Had another fun group this year that I got to lead with Jordan. Talked a lot about challenges on the river, yelled a lot of Bible verses, and ate a good amount of Goldfish and Belvita breakfast bars. I think I had more fun than the kids did. 
  • Unremembered memories. Lots happened this summer. I don’t remember everything that did but I know that overall it was pretty great. That’s what counts. 

I love summer. 

Love, Valerie x

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