Beautiful Moments

You know those moments that are just too pure to even try to explain? Those moments that convince you that you are more than just neuroscience? Like trying to describe it or put a label on it would just be an offense to its existence? I feel like this week was full of those moments. Nothing extraordinary happened. I didn’t plan excitement or force movement into my day. Somehow it just happened on its own. And it was so good.

I got to talk to the people I wanted to talk to and not talk to the people I didn’t want to talk to and I got to see kids dance and run and love life so much that you had no choice but to love it again as well and I got to drive through roads with the windows down and Coldplay blasting through the speakers and I got to drink the best coffee I have ever had in my life and I got to soak out in the sun and accidentally burn five different parts of my body and I got to get $0.99 iced coffee for four days in a row and I got to see my brother again and I got to go out and eat with the company of people I would do anything for and I got to eat the best ice cream I have ever had and will ever have and I got to go pick blackberries off the vine while somehow avoiding staining my fingers purple and I got to go see a movie and once again be reminded of how amazing girls are and I got to sporadically dye my hair blue because it’s summer and why not and I got to go to the public library and find a book I have been looking for for three years and I got to learn things that I really, really needed to know.

This week taught me that human existence cannot encompass and explain all emotion. Some moments are so unexplainable, and those moments remain unexplainable to keep their beauty. There are some things that happen that are so inviolable and sacred and each time those moments come, we fall in love a little bit more.

Our humanity does not fit into an algorithm. We cannot label, justify, and explain everything that happens and all that we see and feel. But don’t you think that is the most beautiful part of it all? Sometimes things don’t have to be explained. They can just be beautiful.

And this week was full of those beautiful moments, full of emotion behind those moments that didn’t have to be explained. My heart was finally able to stop being restless for real beauty. Beautiful moments happen and that is what has the privilege of holding us all together.

So remember those beautiful moments. Avoid the anguish of trying to comprehend them. Don’t forget their beauty. It makes life so much better.

Love, Valerie x

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