What I Learned My Sophomore Year of High School

  1. How to spell sophomore
  2. The number one thing I have to remember is the fact that I am here to get an education and (try to) have a great time while doing it
  3. Panera is the best place to study even though their coffee is always lukewarm.
  4. Testing sucks! Mental breakdowns will happen! My expectations for myself are too high! Oh well!
  5. People will always act like they don’t feel things, will always seem like they have it all together, and will always say that nothing really affects them, but I promise you, that is never the case.
  6. You cannot control everything that happens to you but you often have a say in the environment you put yourself in.
  7. Love doesn’t conquer. We conquer.
  8. People will always be petty, and no matter how hard you try, sometimes you can’t change that
  9. It’s a good idea to accept your moodiness and those moments when you get really deep out of nowhere because at this point we’re all really confused teenagers thinking the same things
  10. Feeling things is really great. We should do it more often.
  11. Coffee dates are incredibly underrated. Sometimes talking for a while with bitter coffee is the thing you need to get you going again.
  12. Your friends aren’t always going to be good drivers so just.. don’t get in the car with them.
  13. People will tell you that it’s okay to not have everything figured out yet but just know that that time for you to not worry is almost expired
  14. Yes, we are all scared and confused and lonely and angry
  15. Everyone is aware that time flies by fast, but none of us know how to slow it down enough
  16. Knowledge is my own power. Don’t let people undermine it, take advantage of it, or disrespect it.

Love, Valerie x

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