21 Things That Are Good Right Now

Here is the list of things that are bringing me joy right now.

  1. Friends IRL. Good friends. Real friends. Mmmm. They make life so much better and much more beautiful. Thankful for my tears, laughs, and smiles with them. The ones that don’t make me feel guilty for being me. They’re really good.
  2. The roof that’s over my head. It’s good even though I hear the squirrels run across it every morning.
  3. I just started a new playlist for June. You can listen to it here if you want. It’s really good so far.
  4. Sophomore year is almost over. Never been so happy to say those words. It’s gonna be good.
  5. I bought my first orchid last Tuesday. In my family, orchids are the kind of thing you don’t mess around with. Mom has a whole forest of them in the kitchen. I think I reached a milestone now that I have my own. It’s really good (and beautiful).
  6. Found out I’m finally going to the beach this summer. Ready to get burnt and have a great time while doing it. It’ll be good.
  7. Found my favorite album at Half Price Books on vinyl the other day and bought it for $4.98. Don’t even have a record player. Still excited about it though. It’s really good.
  8. Hey! Ben Howard released new music! He is a great guy! Go listen to him. He’s really good.
  9. I have a new favorite spot. It’s in the back of a parking lot of a Tom Thumb under a line of trees where no one ever parks. It’s a good spot. Sunset is the best time to be there. I get to watch the cars go by and talk to friends. It’s really good.
  10. Was craving Chipotle for a week so I went and got some yesterday. Just for the hell of it. It was really good.
  11. My coffee. I finally perfected it and let me tell you, it is WOW. I had five cups on Monday. Five cups. It is obvious that it is really good.
  12. I’ve got ten plants in my room. I think my air is the cleanest in the entire house. It’s really good.
  13. My best friend Jordan got me one of the greatest inventions of all time: a chapstick holder for your keychain. It has completely changed my life. No more chapped lips for me! It’s really good.
  14. People I love and admire are graduating. It’s sad but it’s also exciting. Life is going to be really good for them. Really really good.
  15. That new Paper Kites album that just came out — wow. Heartfelt sadness that turned to joy. It’s really very incredibly absolutely good.
  16. Treated my body like the temple it is for a whole month and I have never felt better. It’s starting to get good.
  17. Discovered I have a deep love for dark chocolate. Like dark chocolate. Like 90% cocoa dark chocolate. It’s real good.
  18. Bought a sticker of Martin Luther today for $2.16. Not regretting it all. It is  really good.
  19. I have taken a nap almost everyday when I have gotten home these past couple of weeks. It isn’t responsible, can sometimes put me out of my comfort zone, and has messed up my sleep schedule a bit, but it is really good. Naps have a tendency to be really good.
  20. Blinking lines are always good. We don’t think so, but they really are. That line means that there is always room for growth. Blinking lines are really good, if you want them to be.
  21. You! You are good. Naturally, you have always been good. Don’t forget that.

Remember to count the things that still bring you joy despite the overwhelming whirlwind that seems to be going on around you. Remember that you often aren’t the only person in the whirlwind as well.

Have a good June. You deserve it.

Love, Valerie x

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