This Is Me

Here are some things about me. The list is small, but it’s the first layer of all that there is to know. There are in fact lots of other layers, but I decided to just give you one.   

  • Will always love Tex-Mex
  • Likes guys but would totally marry Emma Watson
  • Despises injustice
  • Doesn’t understand why people retweet stupid quotes about love on Twitter
  • Is scared of the dark
  • 9/10 times is in a sweatshirt
  • Never has any clue as to what is going on
  • Loves learning
  • Instinctively puts her arm over the passenger’s body when pressing on the brakes
  • Impulse buys a lot of stickers
  • Still doesn’t have her phone number memorized
  • Is really passionate about not drinking soda
  • Has a really obnoxious laugh that is overwhelmingly similar to her sister’s
  • Gets frustrated far too easily
  • Cannot stand hypocrisy and contradiction
  • Never leans back against the seat while driving
  • Couldn’t understand why Jesus was a Jew for a solid 3 years of her life
  • Only puts cream in her coffee so she can put off eating for a longer period of time because she often sees setting aside time to eat as an inconvenience
  • Fully believes that all other pens are worthless compared to the Pilot G-2 07 blue ink pen
  • Always has chapstick
  • Still doesn’t know how to spell tomorrow (???)
  • Loses every pair of black socks she has ever had
  • Aims to be in bed every night by 9:30 regardless of what day it is
  • Loves to bicker but gets defensive really fast
  • Could eat eggs for every meal
  • Has the amazing ability to feel still and moved at the same time

Love, Valerie x 

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