One Year Later

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my blog.

Kinda weird to say. Yet fifty-six posts later, here we are. I still kinda cringe when I hear the word “blog.” Personally, I picture a 26 year old girl named named Jacie posting daily about her life in Malibu, sharing what clothes she wore the past few days and what cool yet overpriced restaurants she went to throughout the week and that is PERFECT AND AMAZING  but that just is. not. me. 

I am Friday night revisions on a piece that I have sculpted throughout the entire week. I am published words on a page that I call my own. I am burning out and reigniting just to burn out again. I am tears: rivers and rivers and rivers of tears. I am a person who posts words on a website every week to honor my outlet of utmost creativity and see the relic of my tender heart.

There have been weeks where uploading on Friday night just seemed like an offense to my personal well-being. Constantly creating is. not. easy. I had to find ways to keep my mind going, and a lot of reading, driving, and questioning went into that. I had my fair share of burns outs. I mean, I cried a lot. I stopped paying attention to things that weren’t worth my eyes and starting paying attention to things that I had never even seen. I made it an entire year. 

So, this week, I decided to compile a list of my favorite blog posts that I have done. Thanks for reading, questioning, thinking, and joining me for a whole year. That’s pretty awesome. Time really does fly by, but words can last forever.


My Favorite Posts:

My favorite poems featuring lots of tears: BelieveI AMA Letter to My Future SelfWarmth

Some things that I thought about for a really really really long time and then realized I should say something about it: Tackling Motivation and PositivityWaiting on the World to ChangeWhy Am I If They Are NotWe Should StartBreathe

Who am I? This is pretty much it: My Faith50♀/50♂52 Things I Love


Love, Valerie x

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