Thank You, Dad

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetDad’s birthday was on Wednesday. Out of respect for him, I will not tell you his age, but let’s just say that I hope he makes it to my wedding.

Dad. Dad, Dad, Dad. My father is the most sarcastic person to ever walk the earth. Like me, only 82% of what comes out of his mouth is true (and he gets offended when I call him a liar). He thinks his goatee makes him look sinister, loves a good conspiracy theory, has a remarkable plethora of childhood stories that sound like they came straight out a movie, loves classic rock, and has the most contagious laugh ever.

Dad taught me the art of not caring as well as the art of caring immensely. He showed me the beauty of Krispy Kreme donuts, Blue Bell ice cream, and black olives. He is the one that always assures me of my potential, pride, and persistence. Since his parenting style worked out pretty well (I mean, look at me), I would say that he is brilliant, almost genius.

Dad, thank you for never failing to make me laugh. Thank you for letting me ask question after question and still giving me answer after answer. Thank you for posting countless puns on Facebook. Thank you for making me read Harry Potter before I could watch the movie. Thank you for introducing me to all of the beautiful things in life. Thank you for always thinking that I had the best day of school ever every single day. Thank you for painting my chairs, molding my broken things back together, and making the house light up in blue Christmas lights every December. Thank you for being the absolute best dad on the planet.

I just maybe kinda love you.

Love, Valerie x

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