Why Am I If They Are Not

One of my absolute favorite events of the year will be here in seven days.

Basically, it consists of over seventy youth fasting for thirty hours, raising money to support and advocate for a better world, and having the time of their lives while doing it. This year the funds that we raise are going to Puerto Ricans who lack support and nourishment. After the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria so many individuals and families do not have water, energy, and basic supplies.We are fighting, fasting, and raising for the chance that these people get to be reunited with security. (If you would like to know more about the famine or be a part of our fight, you can do so here.)

I have been thinking about these people, both the families and innocent individuals who were robbed of their familiarity and left with no sense of direction. What makes them worthy of the tragedy that has struck them? What makes the Afghan women that are victims of complete injustice worthy of that discrimination? What makes the little boy on the other side of the world worthy of not eating a meal for the third day in a row? What makes Yemeni families worthy of being a part of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis? What makes me worthy of the life that I have been given?

Why am I worthy and them not?

This week has been nothing short of gut-wrenchingly long, completely debilitating, incredibly frustrating, and absolutely heartbreaking. And yet I have convinced myself that every problem I have is minute.

Because I have never had to worry about where my next meal was coming from, where I will be able to rest my head at night, or if the belongings on my back will suffice in carrying me through another day. And because of that alone, I am richer than 70% of the world. Thinking of everything that is wrong around me cripples me like nothing else ever has. Why makes me worthy of the life that I have been given?

Why am I the one who is afforded these precious luxuries?

I have realized that we all end up in life situations not of our choosing. We do not get to decide what family we are born into, why the amount of hatred is constantly growing, or why people hurt us. We cannot control every volatile act of horror that happens to the people around us. We may be able to influence, but we cannot control.

And I cannot control worthiness, because there is already such dignity in living.

While we fight for a better tomorrow, let’s celebrate that.

Love, Valerie x

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