What I Am Learning

  1. How much I like talking to beautiful people about sad things or happy things or what makes our heart break or what makes our heart mold back together
  2. That there is a reason I cannot control everything
  3. How to say goodbye to a person I was not meant to say goodbye to
  4. That sin is anyway in which I am guilty of disrupting shalom
  5. That I am composed of everything that is beautiful, alive, and whole
  6. How much I love no slam toilet lids
  7. To treasure what I have
  8. How to paint something I have not painted before
  9. That I am a magnificent relic of my own creation
  10. That I am far too good at chasing dreams I have not even written down yet
  11. To be humbled enough to do the small things first
  12. That my feet, however uneasy, will always lead me where I need to go

Love, Valerie x

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