Thank You, Ellie

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This is my BFF Ellie/Elbel/LED.

Ellie is the type of friend that I feel like I have known my entire life. However, our friendship started in the fifth-grade. Simply, Ellie is the better version of myself. I don’t remember a set beginning to our friendship, but knowing us, it probably began over debating the technical difference between a zucchini and a cucumber.

Ellie is the only person that could make me laugh and smile regardless of what is happening. Lost twenty bucks? Laughing. Genuinely frightened by someone lurking over your bed in the middle of the night? Laughing. Lost every single marker in your brand new twelve pack? Laughing. Someone spits chewed up okra into your hand? Laughing. Punctured the wall over ten times while playing darts? Laughing.

Ellie is really good at thinking that she is a great distractor. One day, at the beginning of our fifth-grade year, she actually succeeded at that distracting thing. She then took that opportunity to throw a grape straight at my face. Little did I know that I would fall for this distraction ploy every single day after. It got to the point where she would make me bring the grapes to lunch just so she could keep throwing them at me. I have never been able to look at grapes the same.

Ellie, thank you for making me laugh every single day, and then some. Thank you for being a really really really beautiful person. Thank you for always playing Mario Kart with me, and then always losing at Mario Kart with me. Thank you for always sending me funny tweets and having a really radical bucket list. Thank you for being an awesome person to talk about dreams with. Thank you for having quite possibly the best music taste. Thank you for wanting to come see me, even though I am 200 miles away and our schedules get the best of us. Thank you for sticking with me this long.

I can’t wait to see what else this crazy life is going to throw at us.

Love, Valerie x

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