16 Things I Have Learned at 16

  1. If you do not like what is offered to you, create the superior alternative.
  2. Just because it is not happening right now does not mean it never will.
  3. I am both in charge of what I think, do, and say, and a reflection of what I have learned to think, do, and say.
  4. All work is creative work because it is all contributing to the creation of the world.
  5. What I love should love me back.
  6. My goals are a work in progress because I am a work in progress.
  7. Life should be full of more verbs than nouns.
  8. Compassion is so often the solution.
  9. I am what stands between me and reaching my goals.
  10. Passion is the most beautiful thing I have learned to love. 
  11. What I believe about the future shapes who I am now.
  12. I don’t have to love what I am doing right now because a moment I have loved in the past is sufficient enough to keep me going.
  13. Boundaries are my friend.
  14. We have been given the gift of life to do what is true to us.
  15. Writing is one of the only moments where I can be still and moved at the same time.
  16. Faith is beautiful, people are beautiful, love is beautiful, life is beautiful.

Love, Valerie x

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