Six Word Stories

This week I am sharing a six word story for each year of my life. As much as I think that appreciating details is so important, I think it is amazing to look at some things in their core value to acknowledge their simplicity. Although most of these may not be understandable to you, they show a lot about me and the journeys I have been on to get to where I am now. Enjoy. 

Year 1: Goodbye Christmas, hello world, Rachel too?
Year 2: This thing called life? It’s rough.
Year 3: There is a lunatic in my mirror.
Year 4:  I love it when I live.
Year 5: In the water, I am beautiful.
Year 6: Farewells should never be sweeter hallelujahs.
Year 7: I am the coolest person here.
Year 8: Fifty percent water, fifty percent chalk.
Year 9: Wait, what does individuality mean again?
Year 10: Grapes are best when they’re thrown.
Year 11: With wonder, she first saw earth.
Year 12: I know someday I will make history.
Year 13: If they fight, so will I.
Year 14: New beginnings can be good, I think.
Year 15: Hello acceptance, we haven’t met before.

Love, Valerie x 

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