Thank You, Liz

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The first time I met Liz, I ditched her on fifth grade field day.

It is easy to say that Liz and I have seen a lot together. We have come from calling ourselves “the clueless bunch” at the elementary school lunch tables to still cluelessly walking through life together in crowded hallways, morning practices, and study sessions at wherever the food is.

Liz is the sweetest, most genuine, and beautiful person I have ever met. She laughs at my jokes, especially when they aren’t funny (although that isn’t very often), always makes sure I have a ride somewhere, ensures that I have eaten in the past 4 hours max, and is the best mom but also non-mom friend I could have.

Although I believe I will never redeem myself for ditching her on the muddy grass that day, I hope that I have shown her how much she has shaped me into the person that I am. She has taught me so much about myself and others, never shooting down my need to find truth. She has shown me that there are always two sides to a story, and that finding a new opinion is not something to be embarrassed about. She loves watermelon, ice cream, and bringing her own popcorn to the movie theaters; and because of that, we have created a lot of memories together.

Although we are very different and she is much nicer than I am, I feel like we were meant to make memories and inside jokes that still live on today, including my first child’s name: Robin Dove Falcon. No moment spent together is anywhere close to boring. We take professional power naps, drive aimlessly around town to prolong studying, and make some mean chicken fillets.

Liz, thank you for still wanting to be my friend even though I left you alone on that field. Thank you for introducing me to some of the greatest things in my life, like Ham’s ice cream and late night watermelon Walmart runs. Thank you for always laughing with me. Thank you for helping me to where I am now, and for inspiring me to help myself find strength. Thank you for your authenticity and your smile that finds goodness in every situation.

I really do love you with my whole heart.

Love, Valerie x

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