What I Am Thankful For

  1. Every person that keeps me laughing and moving and going and grooving
  2. Words that are both smooth as honey and honest as a mirror
  3. Second chances, because we are all worthy of them
  4. Really really really good music that flows through you and centers every inch of your body on the honesty of the song
  5. A family that refuses to stay down when everything tips over
  6. Humor and good jokes and bad jokes (but mainly puns)
  7. My church family who have made every moment so so so sacred
  8. Friends that put up with my school system rants, unbrushed hair, and crazy personality
  9. Montreat, for it taught me something I needed to know for the rest of my life; and because of that, my heart cannot contain its passion
  10. Christmas
  11. Creation: my reminder that heaven is here
  12. Every being, place, or idea that has touched my heart and found a home


Love, Valerie x

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