Thank You, Jordan

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I believe that we have many soul mates: companions we were meant to go through life with, each for a different reason. And I fully believe that Jordan is one of mine.

I have known Jordan for my entire life. We have grown up together in the church, all the way from eating cheese sticks in the children’s ministry to leading song in the youth ministry.

Almost all of the greatest experiences in my life have been made with Jordan. I know that she will always be the person that authentically sees me in the purest form of myself; one that is stripped of expectations and the need to maintain consistency.

I do believe that she is my best friend, that we were meant to giggle hysterically at the end of the pew together, that there is a greater explanation for why that dog was crooked, that there is no one else I would rather sing 10,000 Reasons with, that she is the best companion I could have on my journey to search deeper, that we will continue to fall on each other’s shoulders for as long as we live, and that no amount of thanks to God could show how grateful I am for her.

This past summer, we went to camp together. And it was heaven on Earth. Through every single worship service, we sat shoulder to shoulder and bathed in all of the glory that God’s creation had to offer. The first night of worship, we sat at the end of the pew and impulsively giggled way too loudly and for far too long as the speaker introduced his cat, named Fred, along with his dog, Mr. Wiggles. And although the names weren’t really that funny and we may have eaten too much ice cream thirty minutes before, I think it goes to show the liveliness we bring out of each other. The fact that we were still laughing about it as we trekked up the giant hill on our way back to the house will always remind me that Jordan is in my life so that I can remember to live a little.

Jordan, thank you for being the person I get to run through life with. Thank you for challenging me to be a better version of myself and for loving me even through my unlovable times. Thank you for giggling when I fall, but always making sure that I get up. Thank you for always reminding me how awesome being a Presbyterian is. Thank you for remembering to search for the deeper meaning to the story, to the tragedy, and to the happy ending. Thank you for knowing when I need to laugh or when I need the assurance that it is okay to be sad. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face, fighting for what you find true, and teaching me to always be unapologetically raw.

The mountain tops would not stand nearly as high without you.

Love, Valerie x



One thought on “Thank You, Jordan

  1. I love this Val. Your weekly blogs are so beautiful. This week was extra special to me. Can’t wait to watch you both grow old together.

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