Thank You, Rachel

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I have decided to start a new series on my blog. It’s called To Those Who Have Shaped Me, and I am beyond excited about it. It features the people who keep me going each day, the people who know me and support me and love me, and the people whom I would be nothing without. This series unfolds a part of me that I have not shown yet, and I am more than happy to begin to share it with you.

If you do not already know, I have a twin sister named Rachel. And no, I didn’t make her up.

As cliche as it sounds, I really do believe that she is my other half. We are incredibly different: her the gymnast and me the swimmer, her the shorter one and me the one with a few more inches, her the “all I want to do is watch Netflix” and me the “read a book for once.” My mom calls us “sisters with the same birthday” because of all the differences that characterize us. But regardless of all that sets us apart, we truly are made to be sisters.

We often get asked if we are telepathic. And because her brain is a mystery even to me, the answer will always be no. However, the person that I am around Rachel is the person that I am around no one else. We bring out the weirdest, most bizarre, borderline worrisome sides of each other, and because of that, we have received far too many weird looks in public. But we also fit together like worn puzzle pieces: not exactly perfect, but close enough.

I don’t have a favorite memory of Rachel, because if I am honest, each moment is an adventure within itself. There are far more adventurous experiences I could share, but I choose to acknowledge their value and hold their intimacy true. However, the two of us like to sit at the dining room table and (try to) work on our homework together. We have spent weekends, running deep into the hours of the night, fighting through assignments one by one, giggle by giggle, typo by typo. Some of the best memories I have with Rachel were made sitting in patterned chairs at a table hidden by papers and obligations.

There is nothing I would not want to do without Rachel. Every new chapter of my life, every foreign hall I have walked into, and every joke I thought worthy of a laugh has been shared with her.

Rachel, thank you for the knowledge that there is no road I have to travel alone. Thank you for carrying my soul with you when I could not carry it myself. Thank you for the endless laughs that will infinitely reign. Thank you for teaching me that every moment is special, if that is what I want it to be. Thank you for never refraining from letting your heart dance it’s little feet all the way to pure joy. Thank you for bringing the sun with you wherever you may go, for being my best friend, and for relentlessly loving me.

Love, Valerie x

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