We Should Start

  1. Whispering in a world that only shouts
  2. Digging for the story behind the story
  3. Having so much light that the plants grow towards us
  4. Understanding that the highest knowledge we can have is the knowledge of ourselves
  5. Extenuating circumstances so we can love again
  6. Rearranging normality
  7. Picking flowers instead of fights
  8. Searching for the secrets our secrets haven’t found
  9. Throwing away the automatic, habitual behavior and live a little
  10. Celebrating everything that lives, reigns, and is true
  11. Knowing that there is wisdom in the wreckage
  12. Smiling only when we mean it 
  13. Seeing the people we want to see
  14. Dancing on higher hills
  15. Feeling with complete commitment and vividness 
  16. Staining our clothes with permanent memories and endless laughs
  17. Slowing down enough to enjoy the wildflowers 
  18. Asking ourselves where we sensed peace today, and where we hope to sense peace tomorrow

It’s time we start. 

I hope that my ideas inspire you to accomplish whatever you need to. 

Love, Valerie x 

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