Today marks the first day of fall. And although I can still see the heat rising off of the cement and sweat is all that Texas wants to give me, I am excited.

I find that the start of a new season is a beautiful time to think. To ask. To reflect. And as I sat down to consider the reality of my calendar, the reality of my late nights and early mornings, the reality of my never-ending schedule, I could only think of one word: busy.

I have realized that there is always a mystery behind the mystery. There is a reason we do what we do. This is usually the result of something, of the result of something, of the result of something. We are stressed, and we try to better our time management. We are distracted and overwhelmed, and we only crawl to the second layer of the issue. But the deeper question, the mystery behind the mystery, is, why do we feel the need to take on so much? Why are we always so busy?

Living a grounded, passionate, and centered life is something that each us hope to achieve. Tackling on fifty things will not ground us. Refusing to slow down will not grow our passion. Saying yes to everything will not center us.

I am defined by what I not. We have been given this sacred gift of life to do what is true to us. I am not here to be and do everything. I cannot be and do everything. I have learned the importance of giving myself to a few things, and then fully engaging and embracing my passion for them. Because we have said yes to what we fully give ourselves to, to what authentically shows who we are, to what is able to center us, we can say no. Say no to the distractions, to the extra commitments, to the things that keep us from pursuing what we love most.

I can say no, because I have said yes.

I once heard someone say, “The good is often the enemy of the best.” The good, the average, the filler of space, is often the enemy, the distractor, the manipulator, of the best.

We need to find our best: the thing that we love the most. It is far better to be fully engaged in one thing than it is to be rushed and dishonest in ten things. So, everything else that clutters our calendars and clouds our focus will find another heart to go after. Because the things that we were never really present in, will be somebody else’s best. They need it more than we do.

I do not believe that we should only do one thing. I believe we should do everything that supports that one thing.

But the even deeper question, the mystery behind the mystery behind the mystery, is, what happens if my best changes?

I believe in the fruitfulness of seasons. When new seasons come, we start something new. When there is no more life in the season, no longer fruitfulness but falling leaves, it has come to end.

Understand the beauty of seasons; the beauty of limits. When the time has finished and we are trying to push it further, we are only going through the motions. Things end, and because of that sacrifice, we are allowed to embrace a new. We are allowed to find a new best. We have to blindly let go, stop holding on, and realize that we have the privilege of allowing it to end in order to see the new.

We must let go of the things we are doing because of guilt. We must let go of doing things because we believe that’s what we’re supposed to do. We must let go of the fact that we can’t always say yes. We must let go of our fragile ego; the part of us convinced that we have to put everything on our shoulders. We must let go of the fear of letting others think that we cannot do it all. We have to let it go.

We have to breathe.

I hope that my ideas inspire you to accomplish whatever you need to.

Love, Valerie x


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