It Is Better

I feel as if I have heard the saying “it gets better” far too many times in my mere fifteen years of trying to grasp this world. And, in some ways, I understand its intentions. We all need to find comfort in the fact that each day is simply a different line, of a different page, of a different chapter, of the giant book that we are creating.

Two days ago, I was sitting at the dinner table, accompanied by my closest friends, in an environment full of love and everything that allows me to thrive. However, the thought of there being not merely enough hours in the day was the only thing sitting in my mind. In my safe space, my home, I was overrun by stress and all of the burdens that it brings. And it that moment, all I told myself was that it was going to get better.

Sitting in third period the next day, trying cram an entire night’s worth of work into forty minutes, I was overcome by the understanding that I have been waiting for my entire life. Waiting for the weekend, when I get to bring the stress home with me, waiting for a vacation of seven sacred days of the desired reality, waiting for the bed to hit the side of face and for dreams to welcome me, waiting for people to come home, and ultimately, waiting for life to get better.

I can still remember my ten-year-old self, convinced that life would cheer up once I was in middle school. But then it became high school, and now its college, and then it will be a career, and the cycle will continue to persist.

I have spent so much time waiting and wondering when life would “get better” that I completely ignored the fact that life was offering me the chance to see every moment as a bettering of myself and my future.

Not every day is easy. There is no such thing as a perfect life, but that doesn’t mean I cannot strive to see my life as perfectly sculpted. My life is perfect for me, because it is teaching me, loving me, and pushing me to strive for not a better tomorrow, but for a better today.

I hope that my ideas inspire you to accomplish whatever you need to. 

Love, Valerie x

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