I believe there is a distinction
between rejection and suffering,
between appreciation and
acknowledgement, between
compassion and empathy. I believe
in letters, crinkled paper, and
watching through the window for
promised words. I believe that
God loves all things beautiful,
including the ones you refuse to
acknowledge. I believe in salt, and
pepper, because despite distinction,
we are worthy of a companion. I
believe that the boldest step we
could ever make is blindly trusting
in who we are. I believe that
pain makes the intangible, tangible,
that love is love, and that there
is no such thing as a winning
team. I believe that sleep cannot
cure all exhaustion, that greed fuels
all evil, and that not every shout is
a cry for help. I believe that strong
morals do not equal a strong
mentality, but I believe in fruitfulness,
in skin, in seeds, and in sweetness. I believe
that the egg came first, that science is real,
and I believe in the non-believers.


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