Fearing an Inevitable Change

My brother leaves for college in 3 days.

It is easily said that I am a little bit on the sad side. Here is someone that has been with me my entire life, someone that makes me listen to songs that only he thinks are good, and someone that questions every single opinion I have so that I was pushed to build a layer of confidence.

If I had it my way, I would have him stay by my side for the next three years, until I have to experience what he is experiencing right now. To me, that would be fair. But time has played its role, so change is arriving. And it is time we welcome it.

Change manifests itself subtly. And eventually, we are at the top of the roller coaster, our stomach inches away from falling.

I believe that this is what scares us. The fear of falling uncontrollably, letting the rails decide where we are destined to go next. The fear of knowing that your view is about to drastically adjust. The fear of not knowing what else this change has up its sleeve.

When it comes to change, I think that accepting it isn’t what eliminates the level of fear. It’s accepting that stress is an inevitable part of the process. It is not going to be easy. Change sucks. It rocks our stability, shakes our comfort, and threatens our normality. But change lets us grow. It pushes our knowledges, lets us delve into new relationships, and become a part of something we haven’t experienced yet.

Ultimately, we cannot control change. We should not fight what is trying to happen, going to happen, or already did happen. We have to accept the inevitability of it, along with the uncertainty it brings. That is how we overcome it.

I hope that my ideas inspire you to accomplish whatever you need to.

Love, Valerie x

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