Effort & Accomplishment

I think it is safe to say that finding the will to do something when you absolutely do not want to do it is a challenge we all face at least once in our lives. In my mind, why would I be writing an essay over a topic it seems I have already written a thousand times before if I could be catching up on the few hours of sleep that I lost the previous night? I believe that the lack of effort in these aspects of our lives are from our constant expectation of having to maintain a high and good result. If we know the essay has a potential to not be that spectacular, why would we even want to start it in the first place?

The number one tip I have when it comes to applying yourself is to focus your energy on the effort you’re putting into what is being done, rather than the end result. I’m not suggesting that the product isn’t important, because it definitely is, but the product is a reflection of the process and what you put into that process. So what benefit would it be to primarily center your attention on the end result if improvements in results happen because of improvements in effort?

Altering your expectations the outcome and focusing on effort only increases the possibility of a successful product. Success breeds success. You may not be successful at every attempt or trial, but that does not mean that your efforts were not there. It simply means that even more focus and concentration will be needed to succeed again. Failure is what allows us to succeed. Focus on what you did, rather than what is done.

I hope that my ideas inspire you to accomplish whatever you need to.

Love, Valerie x

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