Song Recommendations II

Another good group of songs have found their way into my “keep in my head for the rest of my life” playlist and I thought I would share. I am considering making these song recommendations a bi-monthly appearance, but then again schedules seem to intimidate me so we will see what happens.

I am a sucker for some rain and good music, so this week I thought I would share all the songs that make me feel like I should be lighting a candle and burying myself in far too many blankets. Enjoy, and breathe a little.

  1. Slow It Down by The Lumineers. The simplicity and power of this song would at first seem not very compatible, but somehow, they work so well together. This song is so sad to me, but that never stops me from singing it as wholeheartedly as possible. 
  2. Shelter by Ray LaMontagne. Not much to say about this beauty, just that it is pretty close to perfect. 
  3. We Never Change by Coldplay. There is nothing like early 2000’s Coldplay. This song talks about the frustration of wanting to make the world a better place but watching it remain the same. 
  4. Skinny Love by Bon Iver. This blessing will never get old. This is from the album For Emma, Forever Ago, and even though I don’t know who Emma is, I would think to sincerely thank her for breaking Justin Vernon’s heart. Without her, there would not be this masterpiece of an album. And although there are countless covers of this song from different artists, I truly believe they could never do it justice. 

If you would like to know more of what I listen to, you can follow my Spotify.

Love, Valerie x

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