Waiting on the World to Change

Now that you have John Mayer’s 2006 hit song stuck in your head, I believe I can start to explain my inspiration behind this week’s post.

So often I hear about how people are disgusted by the world and how they hate its doings. But when suggested to make a step in altering its negativity into a brighter light, their response is usually along the lines of,“How can I, a single person, fix all the burdens of our world?”or “What? Me? I’m not the one destroying it, it’s everyone else!” And although it is incredibly hard and deemed impossible to change the world with one person, there is a bigger picture. Because essentially, the world won’t change if you won’t change.

The world and our society is a representation of all its contenders, not just everyone excluding yourself. Our surroundings are a reflection of who we are on the inside. Therefore, all the madness that is happening around us is due to the inner channeling of our negativity and our refusal to accept, address, and change it. This is a result of our collected, polluted, and misguided consciousness.

And I get it. It is hard to confront all the things in which we have internally channeled that are aiding in the madness around us. But you don’t have to take on everything at once. Start with the biggest contender of negativity and find a way to dilute it. Become educated on things you are passionate about and share your ideas to create more perspectives, striving towards eventual uniformity. Become infatuated with kindness and the idea of possibility. Support what supports you. Be authentic, unique, and appreciate the inherited beauty. Be filled with love, and fill more people with this power. If we all fight for a better tomorrow, we truly can change this world.

I hope my ideas inspire you to accomplish whatever you need to.

Love, Valerie x

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