Captured Moments in Yellowstone National Park

I have spent the last few days in Yellowstone National Park, so this week I gathered a few of my favorite photos to share. WXXL6750.jpgEven though we found these flowers all over the park, my mom made sure that we got as many pictures as possible. I can’t speak for her, but I would say that these yellow creations were one of her favorite views.

LRZZ9522.jpgI found this exhibit behind one of the many visitor centers in the park. Although the mountains, trees, and all of God’s creation is incredibly beautiful, this had to be one of my favorite sights from the trip. This statement shows fish made of aluminum soda cans swimming in a stream of plastic water bottles. The seclusion of the statement from the rest of the exhibits added even more to the intensity of the intended message: we must protect this world. 

PRIG1537.jpgYellowstone is home to many hot springs-and because of this one’s vibrant and lively blue color, it soon became my favorite.

QXEE3085.jpgHot springs create a lot of steam- I mean, a lot. At one point, we were walking through clouds and clouds of sulfur-scented steam. It felt like walking through Texas, but in the middle of Wyoming. 

IMG_9947.JPGEREM8922.jpgVVCE6232.jpgUAXM8407.jpgThe four photos above are from one of the hikes my dad, Carter, and I took. Although the hike was only rated moderate, we still had to take many breaks, those of which usually involved chocolate. 

QCFY1818.jpgTBYL8076.jpgDNXP4156.jpgThe three photos above are more hot springs that seemed almost unreal.

FWXN3649.jpg 😉 

VTNV8614.jpgThe rock at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone varies so widely that it looked like a painting. The water which carved this canyon was so powerful that I could feel it flowing through the river from hundreds of feet up.  

MBJI4285.jpgI like to call this the tree of life. 

Nature’s castle on the hill.

If you would like to see more photos from my vacation, you can visit my Instagram or VSCO

Love, Valerie x

One thought on “Captured Moments in Yellowstone National Park

  1. A travel journalist you are, Val. You’re also a FAB photographer…beautiful images. You captured the essence of nature!


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