A Letter to My Future Self

This piece now means something completely different to me than when I first wrote it back in November. I’m sharing it with you because although I still radiate unreached hopes and dreams, this piece reminds me of when I was most desperate for something to hold on to. The low point in my life in which this piece was born is what allowed me to be at a higher one now. And for that, I am grateful. Enjoy.
I hope by the time you lay your eyes upon this you’ve become the person you were always too afraid to be, as much as it may still frighten you.
I hope you have found peace in the unimaginable and happiness in the unknown. Although it may be strange and new, I pray you embrace it with gentle arms.
I hope you’ve learned to run through greener pastures and dance on higher hills. May your sense of wonder still climb the tallest mountains and fly above the clouds.
I hope you’ve found euphoria in her eyes; a blissful sunshine dancing on her lids. Take her by the hand and let her teach you how to love yourself again.
I hope your tears no longer form seas, but rather a stream, gently weaving down a mountain. After all, the journey is far more important than the destination.
I hope you’ve learned to cry not because you want to be heard, but because you want to hear yourself. Do not be afraid to become a raging fire and burn the memory of those who have wronged you.
I hope you no longer barricade yourself behind the thickest of masks, too afraid to let them fall. Your scars are not to be ashamed of, for they mean that you are no longer bleeding out.
But mostly, I hope that through trials, failures, and mistakes, you still have the capacity to be happy.

– A Letter to My Future Self

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