You are a feminist if you believe that all people should have equal rights and opportunities.

Although many people are starting to realize the true positive goals of this movement, many still associate it with a negative stigma. People often think that feminism is a way for women to act as victims and complain about the things they don’t have. The problem with this misinterpretation lies in the fact that so many do not understand the true meaning of this fight to obtain more equal rights. This movement is not about hating men, but rather about glorifying all genders and striving to make sure they are given balanced rights.

Merriam Webster’s true definition of feminism is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes” (Feminism). The idea and assumption that it is purely about women is, in fact, wrong.

While reading through opinions of women against feminism, I saw a recurrence of the same sayings such as, “I don’t need feminism because I already feel equal” and “I don’t want feminism because I don’t need special treatment.” After reading these, I have realized that this movement is not about our personal wants and needs, but rather what society needs as a whole.

There is no doubt that women in the United States and other first world nations hold more privileges and rights compared to other third world countries around the globe. But feminism is a fight for the equality for all women.

The over-the-top feminists who “hate all men” and “think society should rid of them,” is an extreme unreality of the true goals of this movement. They are a false conception and dangerously spread this misconstrued idea.

Furthermore, I understand why some women feel misrepresented by certain feminists because of their tendency of claiming to speak for all women, when this movement’s purpose includes focusing on maintaining the right for women to still be respected even if they have a different opinion. This hypocrisy is too such a heavy misrepresentation of this movement. Your respect for your husband being the man of the house does not make you any less of a woman. True feminists believe that there is nothing “anti-feminist” about the kind of woman someone is, simply because feminism includes glorifying everyone.

I am a feminist for the women in Somalia who undergo famine, war, human trafficking, drought, etc. and are provided with nothing when pregnant. I am a feminist because “like a girl” is used as an insult, associating women with weakness and encouraging the idea that they are fragile. I am a feminist because 90% of adult rape victims are female (Victims). I am a feminist for the 75.8% of the women in Afghanistan who have no formal education and are illiterate (Contact CIA). I am a feminist for the women in Saudi Arabia who still cannot drive a car or obtain basic human rights. I am a feminist because men should be taken seriously no matter what professional field they decide to go into. I am a feminist because feminism is here to empower everyone.


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Love, Valerie x

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