Song Recommendations I

I love music. So much.

Music is so incredibly amazing. I believe it is the key to creativity, binds us in diversity, and is always there when words fail.
When I look at every important memory or part of my life, music is always there. Even though I have never met any of the artists that I listen to, they have all left a stamp on my life unlike no other. That being said, I love to share the songs that have shaped into the person I am with other people. So, this week I decided to gather a list of some of my favorite songs. I hope you enjoy.

  1. Heavenly Father by Bon Iver. I found this song about 9 months ago, yet I still think about it every day. Justin Vernon’s music has the ability to make me feel like I’ve known his songs my whole life. To me, this song is about the struggles of finding God. It expresses the pain and frustrations that comes with having faith. This is definitely one of the most passionate and utterly beautiful songs I have ever heard, and it never fails to remind me that not everything comes easily. 
  2. Unbeliever by You+Me. To me, this song is about wandering through the lost part of our lives yet finding a way to hold on. Alecia Moore and Dallas Green are a pair that I will love for the rest of my life. Their harmonies are so heavenly. The really beautiful thing about this song is that everybody who listens to it has a different experience in mind. You can watch the live version here
  3. Best That I Can by Vance Joy. As I not-so patiently wait for Vance to release another album, I always find myself coming back to this song. This piece in particular has taught me that we can can continue to live in unhappiness, but we can only go so far before we are not able to find a better version of ourselves. 
  4. Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac. Even though this song is about the end of Stevie Nick’s and Lindsey Buckingham’s turbulent relationship, it leaves me undeniably happy. This song makes me want to throw glitter in the air and spin around in it while I watch the sun go down. If you would like to be a part of that experience, you can listen to it here
  5. As Much As I Ever Could by City and Colour. This list would not be complete without the beautiful voice of Dallas Green. I believe I first heard this song about a year and a half ago while trying to fall asleep. I remember thinking “HOLY CRAP THIS SONG IS AMAZING” as I watched my fan spin around too many times. The only bad thing about this song is that it doesn’t last forever. Will this always remain the most beautiful song I have ever heard? Probably. 

If you want to know more of what I listen to, you can follow my Spotify here 🙂

Love, Valerie x

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